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EGB Pozzolanic Mortar Adhesiv Cement 25kg

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EGB Pozzolanic Mortar Adhesiv Cement 25kg EGB CEMENT


EGB Pozzolanic Mortar Adhesive is a cementious mortar adhesive composed of EGB Pozzolanic cement, artificial light weight sand and special additives. It is supplied as a dry powder in pre weight bags ready to use on site, which requires only addition of clean water to produce easily workable mortar. It is ideal for fixing of ceramic tiles, terrazzo tiles, marble, decorative stone, mosaics, Granites and quarry tiles.


EGB Pozzolanic Mortar Adhesive is suitable for background with Portlandland cement based renders, floor screed and concrete. It should not be applied onto wood , mortar sheets or painted surfaces. The background and tiles must be clean, free of dust deposits, sinter skin, formwork oil and other contamination which may affected adhesion. To achieve a uniform thickness, the mortar is leveled with a serrated trowel. The thickness of the adhesive will depend upon the size and type of tile. Do not spread more than 1m2 at a time. Spreading large areas may result in the mortar drying before tiles can be pressed home, causing poor adhesion.


Ceramic tiles should not be fixed with tight joints. Leave a minimum space of 2mm around every tile. For normal use, the joints should be filled with cementious grout. Where protection from oil and chemical are required, the joints should be filled with suitable epoxy grout.


EGB Pozzolanic Mortar Adhesive supplied in 25kg bags has to be mixed with potable water only. In a clean plastic bucket or clean, orrosive uncontaminated metal tub. To ensure a homogeneous and uniform mix, an electrical agitator must be used. The amount of water to be added is approx. 4 - 5 litres (i.e. 25% by weight) add the mortar adhesive to water, turn the contents of the bag carefully and stir frequently. Once mixed allow to stand for 5 minutes and mix again before applying. No further water should be added to the mix. The mix mortar must be used within 45 minute. Hard and set mortar should not be re mixed.


EGB Pozzolanic Mortar Adhesive must be stored in a dry place, off the ground and well covered. Hard or lumpy material must rejected.


EGB Pozzolanic Mortar Adhesive is a dry pre-mixed cement based thin bed mortar combined with EGB Pozzolanic Cement, fine artificial sand and chemical additives.


Binder EGB Pozzolanic Mortar Adhesive
Aggregate Size 0 - 0.5
Appearance Light grey
Mixing Ratio 4 - 5 litres of water per 25kg/bag
Packaging 25kg/bag
Shelf Life 6 months from date of production when stored under dry conditions
Working Time Approx. 1 hour
Curing Minimum 72 hours by potable water
Advantage Pre mixed, reliable and high quality, economical better yield and bonding.
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