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Established in 2011, EGB BRICK is the leading manufacturer of clay stock bricks in Pasir Gudang, Johar Industry Park.

The company is renowned for the manufacture of high quality EGB GREEN CLAY BRICKS, among key construction and property development companies and smaller builders alike. Underpinned by a commitment of the leadership and people of Eco brick to delivering service excellence, the company enjoys a proud reputation of providing highest quality cost effective products to the construction industry.


An internal quality assurance programme is entrenched in the EGB BRICK manufacturing process and management systems. Exceeding recognized local and international standards, regular audits of procedures, EGB CLAY BRICK exceed the minimum specifications of standards authorities with respect to brick strength, water absorption, efflorescence and dimensional stability.


EGB BRICK is committed to achieving high standards of environmental care and to providing a "STOP • THINK • PLAN • ACT" commitment to Environmental sensitivity is common practice at EGB BRICK and a seamless surveillance of the process from quarry to building site ensures minimal environmental impact. Rehabilitation of exhausted quarries is aimed at returning to original state, with bird life and fish, grass and trees.

The manufacturing process of clay brick is equally important. An ongoing improvement in energy efficiency with the objective of reducing carbon emissions, means that clay brick has less embodied energy when measured against other building materials such as glass, aluminium and particleboard.


Well recognized for its reliability for delivering high volumes on time, EGB BRICK is strategically located in Iskandar development zone with immediate access to an abundant supply of high grade clay deposits.

Sophisticated project planning and logistics co-ordination ensure that production capacity and market service capabilities are optimized, with the company's access to the Johor Iskandar market enabled by major freeway links to metropolitan centers and other areas.

EGB BRICK is committed to delivering service excellence, and the companies reputation for its ability to accurately and consistently deliver in excess of 60,000 bricks per day, is well recognized by the construction industry.

Benefits of Clay Masonry from EGB BRICK

The high performance characteristics of clay bricks manufactured by EGB BRICK offer distinct advantages and benefits over alternative brick products:

  • Durability and strength
  • Low expansion (minimal cracking)
  • Dimensional stability (no post-construction shrinkage)
  • Fire Resistant (superior fire resistant qualities)
  • Environmentally friendly (low carbon footprint)
  • Thermal and Acoustic insulation (excellent heat and sound insulation)


Brick Strength
: 14 - 28 MPa
Water Absorption
: Approximately 5%
Efflorescence : Nil to slight
Dimensions (mm)
: 215 x 95 x 65
  215 x 100 x 70
  245 x 115 x 85



In Malaysia as the population increasing various types of industries is also increasing and these industries produces a huge amount of waste products. These waste products are not environment friendly. These types of waste material are not only affects the surrounding environment and the disposal of these material is also difficult for some extend. Like other industrial waste water treatment sludge is a major contaminant for the soil.

In current scenario it is very important to find other option for utilizing such waste to reduce overall effect on environment. Since raw materials are renewable, its products and wastes are recyclable and production process are capable of technological improvements to protect the environment.

No construction work is possible without bricks because of bricks are used in building as well as in pavement. Since many centuries bricks making has been practiced by human beings, presently bricks are easily made by the use of the machine but in old day's bricks are manufactured by own hand using wooden or steel mould.

In this research,pickling sludge,industrial waste and slag sand were used. These materials will cause environment pollution and disposal problem. Use of such products help to reduce the environmental pollution and they low cost materials which also help to keep project cost down.

For this research work, dimension analysis, initial rate of water absorption test and efflorescence test, compressive strength test is conducted for the analysis of the physical properties of bricks.


  • Measurement of dimension of bricks
  • First separate bricks were measured for their length, width and height. Then based on clause MS2282-3:2010.
  • Initial rate of absorption
  • Density measurement result
  • Hardness measurement result
  • Determination of compressive strength result
  • Efflorescence test results
  • Soundness test results
  • Water absorption comparison chart



  • Environmental friendly
  • Green building concept
  • Less usage of mortar and saving in manpower
  • Dimension accuracy
  • Fire resistant and sound insulation
  • Less penetration of water in brick work
  • High compressive strength


Brick Pricing : Competitive
Weight : Light, easy to handle and use
Mortar Thickness : Less, saving in material
Green Product : No CO2 emission during production
Handling : Easy, saving in manpower
Wastage : Less, due to high strength

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