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EGB Pozzolanic Binde Cement 50kg

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EGB Pozzolanic Binde Cement 50kg EGB CEMENT


EGB Pozzolanic Binder is designated in the British Standard for cement ( BS EN 196-1 : CEM 11 / B-Q ). This designation covers cement containing between 55% and 68% Portland cement clinker, 32% and 45% EGB Pozzolanic material and 0.5 - 1.5% minor additional constituents.

EGB Pozzolanic Binder is manufactured by blending and inter grinding the various constituents to produce a homogeneous product. It is subject to the same rigorous production control as all others BS EN 196-1 cement with independent third-party verification and carries SIRIM Certification Standard.


EGB Pozzolanic Binder is based on siliceous material and is recommended as an alternative to Ordinary Portland Cement in the following applications:

  • For general purpose concreting.
  • To reduce chemical attack on concrete in aggressive ground conditions.
  • To minimize the risk of ASR in concrete containing high-reactivity aggregates or recycled aggregates.
  • EGB Pozzolanic Binder has a certified low heat of hydration. This is highly beneficial for concrete used in large pours, where it can help to reduce the risk of early-age thermal cracking.


EGB Pozzolanic Binder concrete, when compared to Ordinary Portland Cement concrete at the same cement content, has the following properties:
  • Slower early-strength development, but potentially higher long term strength.
  • The appropriate cement content for concrete of a given 28 day cube strength and slump should be determined from trial mixes.
  • Extended setting, particularly in cold weather.
  • Reduced bleed.

  • 50kg/bag


EGB Pozzolanic Binder is available in bulk and 50kg/bag.

Condition of Use
  • Can be used for most applications.
  • Concrete, mortar and grouts containing Pozzolanic Cement must be used correctly for best performance.
  • When using Pozzolanic Cement it is particularly important that effective curing is applied.
  • As with all concrete, the final finish quality of this material will depend upon the operative having the required skills and a familiarization with the materials and application method.
  • ECO Greenbuilder Industries Sdn Bhd cannot be held responsible where workmanship has not been carried out in accordance with good practice.
  • EGB Pozzolanic Binder is manufactured from natural products, and slight share variations may occur.

Health And Safety

Contact cement powder and body fluids (eg, Sweat and eye fluids) may caused irritation, dermatitis or burns.
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